Charles “Loop”

Charles “Loop”

  • From: Washington, DC

  • Currently Playing: CoD BOPS 4 + RDR2

  • Favorite Vintage Game: Half Life / CS 1.6

  • Snack of Choice: Parmesan Goldfish

  • Animal Mascot: Mongoose

  • Favorite Weapon: Trench Gun w/ Bayonette

  • Guilty Pleasure: Chicken wings in bed

  • Listening To: Drum&Bass, always

Gary “McHuge”

Gary “McHuge”

  • From: Colorado

  • Currently Playing: My Little Pony

  • Favorite Vintage Game: CoD MW2

  • Snack of Choice: Snoop Dogg Cheeba Chews

  • Animal Mascot: Golden Marmoset

  • Favorite Weapon: Barrett 50 Cal

  • Guilty Pleasure: Pooping in the shower

  • Listening To: The Gypsy Kings

Daniel “Boondock”

Daniel “Boondock”

  • From: Massachusetts

  • Currently Playing: All of us

  • Favorite Vintage Game: CoD WAW

  • Snack of Choice: Dunkaroos

  • Animal Mascot: Queen Lateefah

  • Favorite Weapon: Banana Hammock

  • Guilty Pleasure: Stockpiling children’s clothing

  • Listening To: A7X